‘Second Rain’ makes a splash on Social Media


New hit single re-introduces the Music Movie genre

Made on a massive budget of nearly two million and released via Muzik247, the widely anticipated music single 'Second Rain' has hit social media by storm. ‘Second Rain’ has been produced and directed by Lijo Augustin with music composed by Varun Unni. With a crew that included Cinematographer A. Kumaran of ‘Thanga Magan’ fame, and the lead actress of ‘Saithaan’ Ms. Arundhati Nair, the most expensive Malayalam Single track ever made, is all set to re-introduce the genre of ‘Music Movies’. At its heart, ‘Second Rain’ narrates a tale of romance where rain acts as the predominant backdrop to important moments in the love story of a young couple. Apart from the breathtaking visuals shot in the picturesque locations of Munnar, the video also features a short climactic fight sequence. “No single artist has defined, innovated or shaped the medium of music videos more than Michael Jackson. He was my greatest inspiration when producing this work, which is much more than a music video”, says Lijo Augustin, whose previous masterpieces include the viral hits ‘Pray for Us’, ‘Ponnathira’ and ‘Aaradhana’, which have collectively garnered over three million views on YouTube. “With ‘Second Rain’, I wanted to re-introduce this genre and explore the potency of a well-thought-out video where the script and sequences extend beyond the song”, he beams. Like the first rain after a long summer, the fresh and lively rhythm of ‘Second Rain’ lingers in your memory long after the first time you experience the feel of its sound. Award winning playback singers Shwetha Mohan and Ranjith Govind (aka KG Ranjith) have lent their voices to the song and the heart-warming lyrics have been penned by R.Venugopal. The music was programmed by Ashwin Sivadas, with Sandeep on the guitar. “The song has been written in such a way that it’s the male voice that carries forward the narration while the female voice joins him in reliving those nostalgic memories. This is why we specifically chose Ranjith for his mid range tone and Shwetha for her light and melodious voice”, says music composer Varun Unni. “Through the lyrics and vocals, the rain acts as a metaphor for the memories the young couple share, so apart from the guitar, keyboard and vocals; the sound of rain itself features on many occasions as an instrument in this track.”, he adds.



Lijo Augustin


Lijo Augustin

Music Composer

Varun Unni


A. Kumaran


R. Venugopal


Ashwin Sivadas

Singer (Female)

Shwetha Mohan

Singer (Male)

Ranjith K. Govind

Associate Director

Nitheesh Mohan

Associate Director

Sabin Kattungal

Actor (Male)

Lijo Augustin Actor (Female) Arundhati Nair

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